Ściemnia się * Dims

Mój wpis w beztematycznym wędrujacym journalu Latarni Morskiej. STRASZNIE spodobał mi się cover "Ściemnia się" śpiewany (a może wydzierany, mrr;) przez Katarzynę Nosowską! Efekty widzicie: ciemno, metalicznie.

My entry in Latarnia's traveling journal. I fell in love lately with song (actually ist's cover) sang by Katarzyna Nosowska. Title means something like "dims". I wish I could translate lyrics correctly... I really like them and want You to understand the song. I'm not good enough in english but... You can find lyrics from google translator, little fixed by me, on the end of this post... If You're speaking english - please, please, please help me fix the lyrics ;) Anyway - here's mt interpretation - black and metallic.

 Dims, hungry eyes
Sneaking remnants of light
Dims , black horizon
Occurs on the forehead

Dims, thoughts groan
My heart is black
Like smoker's hands

You stand so quiet
I know, though I do not look
You're leaving, I feel
But do not cry

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